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WE offer winning cultural, educational and social experiences that transform the way individuals perceive their abilities & environments. WE encourage them to participate in creating positive changes which have lasting impact to improve their community's value.


WE (Winning Experiences) Transform Thoughts.
WE (Winning Experiences) Transform Actions.
WE (Winning Experiences) Transform Communities.


Our Winning Experiences have a strong Civics foundation around which we've added Community Service, Physical & Financial Wellness, and Entertainment Activities to enhance the Quality of Life (QoL) for participants.



Be an enlightened responsible citizen that knows what to expect in exchange for what you invest into the community.



Develop valuable skills that can be used in the future for school, work, and/or your personal life while helping others.

Quality of Life


Make life more than a daily routine; WE expose you to sports, the arts, live cultural performances & special events.



Understand what to do with your money before you earn it & how to protect your credit before you build & use it.



Learn to buy right, price items/services, promote and sell, manage inventory, human resources, and more.


Frontiers International Inc.

(A WE Civics Education Partner)

Participating Frontiers - We The People Clubs:


Circle City Frontiers Club

Decatur Frontiers Club

Gary Frontiers Club

Milwaukee Frontiers Club


Nashville Frontiers Club

North Houston Frontiers Club

Springfield Frontiers Club

Del Valle Frontiers Club

Frontiers International, Incorporated was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1936 by Nimrod B. Allen. A former Executive Director of the Akron YMCA and a leader in the African American community. The organization was incorporated December 24, 1938.


The primary purpose of the organization was to provide an outlet and opportunity for African American males to collectively give service to their communities through a civic service leadership organization that did not discriminate against them, as was custom of other organizations at that time.


More than seventy six years later, men and women of color are still providing community service through this organization, in more than thirty local clubs around the country. The clubs are grouped into seven districts based on geographical proximity. The kinds of service provided to their communities are varied. Some clubs focus most of their attention on mentoring of youth in their cities through the Adopt A School program. Many clubs emphasize the Martin Luther King Holiday through annual luncheons. The raising of funds for and giving of scholarships to students is a major activity for many clubs. Some work with groups who feed the hungry and clothe those moving from welfare to work.


Frontiers motto is: Advancement Through Service



WE depend on involvement from local Schools, Community Organizations, Businesses, & Caring Neighbors

Get Involved To Improve and Support Your Neighborhood...

Every contribution strengthens programming and promotes the mental & physical growth of the Community



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